To increase the speed of your race you should train hard, for that, we propose several trainings that will make you run faster. We advance you that the exercises are intense but effective. Take note and practice them!

- Gym training: 

It's important that you spend time in the gym to get some resistance and workout your strength. It doesn`t meant that your musculature increases and you are slower, a job well done will make you faster.

If the dumbbels get you bored, try with several exercise circuits; It will be more fun and bearable.

- Short series training:

Try with series from 100 to 400 meters in order to practice the tecniche and the strength.

Once a week run 6 series of 100 meters at high speed; You will see how the motivation comes to you.


- Hill training:

It’s a great training to improve the power of your stride. If you don’t used to run hills, begin with calm and avoid high inclinations over long distances.

You can insert the hills in your circuits or work on it one of ten days.

- Fartlek training: speed and background, both.

This training allows you to run fast long distances. It will help you to get better recovery times and better adaptation to pace changes.

It’s great to practice this training once a week; You can change the times of each pace according to your level and improvement.